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Register Manual

Register Manual
 1997 Dedication
 1998 Dedication
 1999 Dedication
 1999 Dedication w/o Photographs
 2002 Dedication
 2003 Dedication
 2004 Dedication
 Connecticut State Register & Manual
 Hiram Bingham IV
 I Helped to Create a Web Site for Connecticut Kids
 In Memoriam: Leo Connellan, Howard Scipio
 Register and Manual Editorial Department
 Report to the People of the State of Connecticut
 State Officers, Congress & General Assembly
 The 2000 NCAA Champion Dedication
 Welcome to the Register and Manual

 1818 Constitution of the State of Connecticut
 Attorneys General
 Chief Justices
 Constitution of the State of Connecticut
 Declaration of Independence; U.S. Constitution
 Governors & Lieutenant Governors
 Historical Antecendents
 Presidents Pro Tempore
 Secretaries of the State
 Section I - Historical - Table Of Contents
 Selected Important Dates in Connecticut History; U.S. Presidents and Vice Presidents
 Speakers of the House of Representatives
 U.S. Senators; U.S. Representatives In Congress

 Biographies & Photographs-Table of Contents
 Bios & Photos - Section II

 Alphabetical Roll of the Senate
 Committee Assignments
 CT General Assembly
 General Assembly - Officials and Their Duties
 Legislative - Table of Contents
 PMG Test 2
 State Government - Legislative

 Dept. of Admin. Svs. - Dept. of Agriculture
 Dept. of Banking - Dept. of Consumer Protection
 Dept. of Correction - Dept. of Emergency Svs. and Public Protection
 Dept. of Energy and Environmental Protection
 Dept. of Labor - Dept. of Motor Vehicles
 Dept. of Social Services - Dept. of Veterans' Affairs and Unaffiliated
 Executive Officers
 Higher Education - Dept. of Insurance
 Office of Policy and Mgmt. - Dept. of Revenue Svs.
 Table of Contents- State Government

 Probate Courts
 State Government - Judicial - Table of Contents

 Counties - Table of Contents

 Connecticut Town Clerks Assoc., Inc.
 Connecticut Towns in the Order of their Establishment
 Ct Tourism Districts
 Distances to All Towns in Connecticut from Hartford
 Local Government - Table of Contents
 Municipal Grand List
 Population 1756-1820
 Population 1830 - 1890
 Population 1900-1960
 Population 1970-2010
 Population of Connecticut by Counties
 Population of Towns, 1800-2010
 Post Offices in Connecticut
 Regional Councils of Governments
 Regional Library Councils
 Town Elections
 Towns - A B
 Towns - C
 Towns - D
 Towns - E
 Towns - F G
 Towns - H I J
 Towns - K L
 Towns - M
 Towns - N
 Towns - O
 Towns - P R
 Towns - S
 Towns - T U V
 Towns - W
 Towns, Cities, and Boroughs - Officers and Statistics
 Towns, Villages, and Districts with No Post Office of Same Name

 1991 Congressional Districting
 2001 Congressional Districting
 2011 Congressional Districting
 COPY: Section VIII - Political - Table of Contents
 Democratic State Central Committee of Connecticut
 Democratic Town Chairpersons
 District Reapportionment Maps by 2001
 Election Day Registration 1998
 Election Day Registration 2000
 Election Day Registration 2002
 Election Day Registration 2004
 Election Day Registration 2006
 Election Day Registration 2008
 Election Day Registration 2010
 Election Statistics - Probate Judges 1998
 Election Statistics by CD 1998
 Election Statistics Vote for Governor & Lt. Governor - November 1998
 Electoral Votes for President, 1976-2012
 Party Designations 2008
 Party Designations 2010
 Party Designations 2012
 Registration and Party Enrollment - 2006
 Registration and Party Enrollment 1998
 Registration and Party Enrollment 1999
 Registration and Party Enrollment 2000
 Registration and Party Enrollment 2001
 Registration and Party Enrollment 2002
 Registration and Party Enrollment 2003
 Registration and Party Enrollment 2004
 Registration and Party Enrollment 2005
 Registration and Party Enrollment 2008
 Registration and Party Enrollment-2007
 Republican State Central Committee of Connecticut
 Republican Town Chairpersons
 Section VIII - Political - Table of Contents
 Statement of Vote - 1998
 Statement of Vote 2002
 Statement of Vote 2006
 Statement of Vote 2008
 Statement of Vote 2010
 Statement of Vote November 2, 2004 - Index
 Statement of Vote November 7, 2000 - Index
 Vote for Attorney General 2002
 Vote for Attorney General 2006
 Vote for Attorney General 2010
 Vote for Comptroller 2002
 Vote for Comptroller 2006
 Vote for Comptroller 2010
 Vote for Governor and Lieutenant Governor 2006
 Vote for Governor and Lt. Governor 2002
 Vote for Governor and Lt. Governor 2010
 Vote for Judge of Probate 2002
 Vote for Judge of Probate 2006
 Vote for Judge of Probate 2009
 Vote for Judge of Probate 2010
 Vote for President of the U.S. 2004
 Vote for President of the United States 2000
 Vote for Proposed Constitutional Amendment 2000
 Vote for Proposed Constitutional Amendment 2008
 Vote for Representatives in Congress 2000
 Vote for Representatives in Congress 2002
 Vote for Representatives in Congress 2004
 Vote for Representatives in Congress 2006
 Vote For Representatives in Congress 2008
 Vote for Representatives in Congress 2010
 Vote for Secretary of the State
 Vote for Secretary of the State 2002
 Vote for Secretary of the State 2010
 Vote for State Representative 2000
 Vote for State Representatives 2002
 Vote for State Representatives 2004
 Vote for State Representatives 2006
 Vote For State Representatives 2008
 Vote for State Representatives 2010
 Vote for State Senators 2000
 Vote for State Senators 2002
 Vote for State Senators 2004
 Vote for State Senators 2006
 Vote For State Senators 2008
 Vote for State Senators 2010
 Vote for Treasurer 2002
 Vote for Treasurer 2006
 Vote for Treasurer 2010
 Vote for U.S. President 2008
 Vote for United States Senator 2000
 Vote for United States Senator 2004
 Vote for United States Senator 2006
 Vote for United States Senator 2010
 Voting Summary 1998 - for Attorney General
 Voting Summary 1998 - for Comptroller
 Voting Summary 1998 - for Secretary of the State
 Voting Summary 1998 - for Sheriffs
 Voting Summary 1998 - for Treasurer
 Voting Summary 1998 - for US Senator
 Voting Summary 1998 - State Representatives
 Voting Summary 1998 for State Senate

 U.S. Government - Departments and Courts Serving CT
 U.S. Government - Executive
 U.S. Government - Table of Contents

 Facts, Statistics, and Holidays
 Historical Societies
 Medal of Honor
 Museums and Libraries
 Radio and Television Stations
 Section X - Miscellaneous - Table of Contents
 Sites, Seals, Symbols
 The Press of Connecticut - Newspapers