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Towns - M


MADISON. New Haven County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., May, 1826, taken from Guilford. Total area: 36.8 sq. miles; land area: 36.2 sq. miles. Population: est., 18,259. Voting districts: 2. Transp.--Passenger: Served by buses of Conn. Transit from New Haven, and by Dattco Bus Line. Freight: Served by Shoreline East and Amtrak. Post office: Madison.

TOWN OFFICERS. Town Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Nancy J. Martucci; Hours, 8:30 A.M.-4:00 P.M., Mon.-Fri.; Address, Madison Town Campus, 8 Campus Dr., 06443-2563; Tel., (203) 245-5672; FAX, (203) 245-5675. Website: Deputy Town Clerk and Asst. Reg. of Vital Statistics, vacancy.--Asst. Town Clerks and Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Kathryn E. Champagne, Kristen Panzo.--Selectmen, 1st, Thomas J. Banisch (R), Tel., (203) 245-5602, Al Goldberg (D), Robert Hale (R), Joan M. Walker (D), Bruce Wilson, Jr. (R).--Bd. of Finance, Joseph MacDougald, Chm., Mark Casparino, Sharon Kokoruda, Bennett Pudlin, Jennifer S. Tung, Jason Ulstad.--Tax Collector, Alma D. Carroll.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Jerry Koch, Chm., Judith Friedman, William Lewis, Richard Robinson, Shirley Taylor.--Assessor, Orietta Nucolo.--Registrars of Voters, William B. Gowanlock (D), Peter Metz (R).--Supt. of Schools, Thomas Scarice.--Bd. of Education, Jean T. Fitzgerald, Chm., Jessica Bowler, Galen Cawley, Dean John, Alison Keating, Seth C. Klaskin, Happy Marino, Cynthia M. Mead.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Ronald Clark, Chm., Joseph S. Bunovsky, Jr., Thomas Burland, Amanda Kaplan, Francine Larson, John Mathers, James K. Matteson, Joel S. Miller, Christopher Traugh; Alternates, Richard Chorney, Elliott Hitchcock, Brian Richardson.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Ronald Cozean, Chm., Kenneth Kaminsky, Thomas Kelty, Ned Moore, Jeanne W. Stevens; Alternates, Pat Melady, William Piggott, Charon Squitiero.--Dir. of Planning and Economic Development, David Anderson.--Zoning Enforcement Officer, John DeLaura.--Economic Development Comm., Ryan A. Duques, Chm., James Ball, Anne Foley, Lisa Miksis, Edward Pellegrino, Eric Perrelli, Chris Weiler.--Inland Wetlands Agency, Robert Zdon, Chm., Glenn W. Falk, John Mathieu, David C. Newton, C. Thomas Paul, Lee Schumacher, Barbara Yeager; Alternates, Joseph Budrow, Mark Ferris, Kealoha L. Friedenburg.--Aquifer Protection Agency, Ronald Clark, Chm., Joseph S. Bunovsky, Jr., Thomas Burland, Amanda Kaplan, Francine Larson, John Mathers, James K. Matteson, Joel S. Miller, Christopher Traugh; Alternates, Richard Chorney, Elliott Hitchcock, Brian Richardson.--Flood and Erosion Control Bd., William Gashlin, William Leonard, three vacancies.--Municipal Historian, Henry Griggs.--Dir. of Madison Youth and Family Svs., Scott Cochran.--Dir. of Senior Svs., Austin Hall.--Agent for the Elderly, Heather Castrilli.--Social Svs., Wendy Larson.--Dir. of Health, Trent Joseph.--Beach and Recreation Comm., Paul Maxwell, Chm., Mike Ciotti, Shane Kokoruda, Mary Patricia Nardino, Emily Rosenthal.--Dir. of Public Works/Town Engineer, Michael Ott.--Building Inspector, Vincent Garofalo III.--Building Code Appeals Bd., Benson Werthan, Chm., Mitch Cohan, Tom MacDonald, two vacancies.--Water Pollution Control Auth., Thomas Hansen, Chm., Thomas Dolan, Peter R. Pastore, Abigail White, vacancy.--Shellfish Comm., Stephen Nikituk, Chm., David Newton, Edward Raff, Jr., Perry Rianhard, Joseph Walker; Alternates, Kristine Capstick, Robert Cika, vacancy.--Sanitarian, Trent Joseph.--Tree Warden, Robert Kuchta.--Police Chief, Jack Drumm.--Police Comm., Eric Thornburg, Chm., Thomas Cartledge, Edward Dowling, Marietta S. Lee, Kathi Traugh.--Animal Control, Fran Fellows.--Chiefs of Fire Dept., Madison: Robert Kyttle, North Madison: Donald MacMillan.--Fire Marshal, Samuel DeBurra.--Emergency Mgmt. Dir., Samuel DeBurra.--Town Atty., Berchem, Moses and Devlin.--Justices of the Peace, Ronald Clark, Mitchell H. Cohan, Marc Darren, Geraldine W. Dearington, Brian Fellows, Al Goldberg, Edward R. Guenther, Thomas Kelty, Noreen Kokoruda, Peter K. Manko, Jennifer McLain, Virginia Raff, Cara Sheehan, Eileen C. Waldman.

MANCHESTER. Hartford County.--(Form of government, general manager, board of directors.)--Inc., May, 1823; taken from East Hartford. Total area: 27.7 sq. miles; land area: 27.3 sq. miles. Population: est., 58,106. Voting districts: 8. Principal industries: engineered fibers, steel metal fabrication, plastics, machine tool companies, printing, warehouse/distribution facilities, electronic equipment, aircraft and missile components. Manchester is also home to one of the largest regional retail concentrations in New England. The Buckland Hills area includes over 3 million square feet of retail and service anchored by the Pavillions at Buckland Hills mall, over 300 hotel rooms, restaurants, movie theaters. The town also boasts the Cheney Brothers National Register Historic District which includes historic mills and housing, and the downtown Main Street National Historic Register district. Manchester is located halfway between New York and Boston on Interstates 84, 291, and 384. Routes 44 and 6 are located in Manchester. Transp.--Served by buses of Connecticut Transit, Conrail Freight and various common carriers. Post Office: Manchester, Station A.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Joseph V. Camposeo; Hours, 8:30 A.M.-5:00 P.M., Mon.-Fri.; Address, Town Hall, 41 Center St., P.O. Box 191, 06045-0191; Tel., (860)647-3037; FAX, (860) 647-3029. Website: Clerks and Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Elisabeth D. Irish, Joan H. Ward.--Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Michelle Lawrence, Gail G. Peck.--General Manager, Scott Shanley.--Dir. of Admin. Svs., Dede Moore.--Bd. of Dirs., Jay Moran, Mayor, Margaret Hackett, Deputy Mayor, Rudolph C. Kissmann, Secy., Timothy M. Devanney, Cheri Ann Eckbreth, Matthew S. Galligan, Steve Gates, Patrick F. Greene, Sarah L. Jones.--Selectmen, John Backer, Steve Cassano, Kevin Zingler.--Judge of Probate (Manchester Probate District), Hon. Michael Darby.-- Dir. of Finance, Greg Simmons.--Ethics Comm., James McCavanagh, Chm., Jonathan Mercier, Vice Chm., Michael Cappucci, Yolanda Castillo, John Wilks, Aaron Wlochowski, William Wooldridge; Alternates, Owen Carroll, Pamela Cranford, Kevin Hood.--Dir. of Assessment and Collection, John Rainaldi.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, David Dumaine, Chm., Stephanie Knybel, William Overton; Alternates, Timothy Bergin, April Shines, David Wichman.--Registrars of Voters, James R. Stevenson (D), Timothy H. Becker (R).-- Supt. of Schools, Matthew Geary.--Bd. of Education, Chris Pattacini, Chm., Deborah Hagenow, Susan Jacobsen, Neal Leon, Mary Jane Pazda, Jason Scappaticci, Carl Stafford, Melanie Stefanovicz, Darryl Thames.--Bennet Housing Corp., Thomas A. Robinson, Chm., David Golas, Janice Johnson, Jonathan Mercier, Paul Rubin.--Cable Television Advisory Comm., Eric Prause, Chm., Gail Dunnrowicz, James Griffin, Kerri Kearney, Donald Modean, Timothy O'Neil.--Cheney Hall Foundation, Inc., Michael Pohl, Pres., David Newirth, Vice Pres., Sarah Burke, Secy., Gregory Simmons, Treas., Ronald Conyers, Lynne Ferrigno, William Johnson II, Stephen Penny, Stacey Ross, Darryl Thames, Andrew Vincens.--Greater Hartford Transit Dist., James McCavanaugh, Paul McNamara.--Central Reg. Tourism Dist., Joyce Hodgson.--Golf Course Lease Oversight Comm., Thomas Crockett, Chm., Carl Stafford, Secy., William Gochee, Chris Silver, Gregory Simmons.--Permanent Memorial Day Comm., Cherie Guimond, Chm., Delia Skrainski, Vice Chm., Jean Kelsey, Secy., Sandra Cappellucci, Asst. Secy., Karen Moore, Treas., Eileen Christensen, Asst. Treas.--Veterans' Grave Custodians, William Miller, David Morsey, Paul Scappaticci.--Youth Comm., Heather Wlochowski, Coordinator.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Eric Prause, Chm., Andy Kidd, Vice Chm., Timothy Bergin, Jessica Scorso, Michael Stebe; Alternates, Teresa Ike, Patrick Kennedy, Julian Stoppelman.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, James Stevenson, Chm., Albert Gionet, Vice Chm., Robert Haley, Sr., Secy., Kevin Dougan, Edward Slegeski; Alternates, Armando Darna, Sandy DeCampos, John Topping.--Dir., Office of Neighborhoods and Families, Chris Silver.--Zoning Enforcement Officer, James Davis.--Property Maintenance Code Bd. of Appeals, Gary H. Benson, Chm., Edward Peterson, Vice Chm., Robert Barker, Chuck Barrera, Kevin Beebe, S. Lee Bogli, John Cunnane, April Shines.--Economic Development Comm., John B. Sayre, Jr., Chm., Thomas Deffenbaugh, Norm Delaura, Joy Dorin, Peter Helms II, Margaret J. Jacobson, G. Jeffrey Keith, Sean Lindsay; April DiFalco, Pres., Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, vacancy.--Redevelopment Agency, Timothy Devanney, Chm., Aaron Ansaldi, Teri Bogli, Steve Carter, Michael Darby, Michael G. Farina, Stephanie Knybel, Patricia McMann, Robert Schneider, Louis A. Spadaccini, Gary Sweet, Jim Williams, Aaron Wlochowski.--Housing Auth., Josh Howroyd, Chm., Susan Holmes, Lisa O'Neill, Paul Rubin,  Judith Taylor, Tenant Comr.; Joseph D'Ascoli, Exec. Dir./Secy.--Cheney Brothers National Historic Dist. Comm., Vivian Ferguson, Chm., Emeritus, Susan Barlow, Joseph Diminico, Lynne Ferrigno, Leslie Frey, Bruce Hamstra, Mary Ann Handley, Bettye Kramer, Bruce May, Rita McParland, Alex Pazda, James Quaglia, John Wilks; Mark Pellegrini, Consultant; Dennis Gleeson, Ex Officio.--Dir. of Neighborhood Svs./Econ. Dev., Mark Pellegrini.--Conservation Comm., John S. Weedon, Chm., Frank E. Belknap III, Patrick Clancy, Marc Connors, David Fiereck, Devleena Ghosh-Brower, Thomas Leone, Jonathan Mercier, Stephen Naczkowski, Bonnie Potocki, Helen Robbins.--Budget and Research Officer, Brian Wolverton.--Citizen Svs. Center Mgr., Doreen Petrozza.--Senior Center Dir., Eileen Faust.--Youth Svs. Dir. and Town Liaison, Sharon Kozey.--Municipal Agent for the Elderly, Eileen Faust, Dir., Senior Center.--Comm. for Elderly Services and People with Disabilities, John O'Connell, Chm., Joe Young, Vice Chm., Natalie Chirico, Maria Cruz, Michael Dyer, Nichole Easley, Ken Hagenow, Rudy Hrubala, Beth Stafford.--Pension Bd., Robert Huestis (Retiree Rep.), Chm., Joseph V. Camposeo, Sandy DeCampos (Union Rep.), Janice Johnson, Craig Lappen, Kevin Zingler; Dede Moore, Town Admin. Rep.--Dir. of Human Svs., Mary Roche Cronin.--Municipal Agent for Children, Mary Roche Cronin.--Dir. of Health, Jeffrey Catlett.--Advisory Bd. of Health, Karen Gionet, Chm., Kim Malone, Dr. Jamshid Marvasti, Mary Moynihan, Diane Strano.--Housing and Fair Rent Comm., Julian Stoppleman, Chm., Nonprofit Agency Member, Cheryl Craddock, Morgan J. Cummings, Sandra DeCampos, Stephanie Knybel, Antony Petrone, Karen Poirier, Dan Uhlinger, Nonprofit Agency Member, Marlene Walsh, Nonprofit Agency Member.--Town Historian, Vivian Ferguson; Alternate, Susan Barlow.--Chief Information Officer, Jack McCoy.--Arts Comm., Michele O'Neil, Chm., Nicholas Arias, Lydia Brewer, Jon Carlo Cortese, Jo-Ann Dorn, Nicholas DuBaldo, Robert Eckert, Pasqua Guzzi, Robert Laughlin, Rose Marie Papa, Jana Pond-Tierney, Jane Rainwater, vacancy.--Library Advisory Bd., Donnamarie Nakos, Chm., David Austin, Miriam Byroade, Grace Cedrone, Norman Delaura II, Karl Hasel, Sally Nyhan, Mary Jane Pazda, Jessica Scorso.--Library Dir., Douglas McDonough.--Advisory Recreation and Parks Comm., Thomas Tierney, Chm., Owen Carroll, Dennis Cumberbatch, William Gochee, Robert Kilpatrick, Ashley Okwuasi, William Wooldridge.--Dir. of Parks and Recreation, Chris Silver.--Dir. of Public Works/Town Engineer, Bob Reardon.--Dir. of General Svs., Gerald Dupont.--Field Svs. Supt., Kenneth Longo.--Building Comm., Brian Murphy, Chm., Robert Barker, Richard Cormier, Charles Crocini, Peter LaBelle, Alfred Meek II, Edward Peterson, Steven Shanbaum, Michael Spellman.--Chief Building Inspector, Greg Smith.--Aquifer Protection Agency, Eric Prause, Chm., Andy Kidd, Vice Chm., Horace Brown, Susan Shanbaum, Michael Stebe; Alternates, Teresa Ike, Patrick Kennedy, Julian Stoppelman.--Water and Sewer Admin., Pat Kearney.--Chief of Police, Marc Montminy.--Constables, Charles F. Barrera, Jr., Albert Gionet, Kevin Hood, Salvatore Mancini, John Orfitelli, Warren J. Packer, Ed Slegeski.--Manchester Fire Chief-Rescue-EMS/Dir. of Emergency Mgmt., David Billings, Fire Chief, Daniel French, Asst. Fire Chief; Donald Janelle, Deputy Dir. Emergency Mgmt.--Chief of Fire Dept. (Eighth Dist.), Ronald Russo.--Fire Marshal, Town: Larry Talbot.--Eighth Utilities Bd. of Dirs., Mary C. O'Marra, Pres., Deberah Bowen, Karen Gionet, Leonard Luzusky, Gerard A. Napoli, John Topping, vacancy.--Eighth Utilities Treas., Regina Cavagnaro.--Eighth Utilities Dist. Tax Collector, Al Gionet.--Eighth Utilities Dist. Clerk, vacancy.--Eighth Utilities Dist. Counsel, John D. Labelle, Jr.--Town Attys., Ryan Barry, Esq., John Sullivan, Esq., Timothy O'Neil, Esq., Admin. Staff Atty.--Justices of the Peace, Donald L. Berry, Marjorie A. Berry, Yolanda Castillo, Margaret R. Churchill, Janice F. Dabate, Theresa A. Fanning, Vivian R. Ferguson, Kathleen S. Hartigan, Kevin P. Hood, Wallace J. Irish, Jr., Mary-Jane Dodge Pazda, Michael E. Pohl, Joseph Reardon, Thomas M. Topping, Lucille B. Vincek.

MANSFIELD. Tolland County.--(Form of government, town manager, town council, town meeting.)--Inc., Oct., 1702; taken from Windham. Total area: 45.5 sq. miles; land area: 44.5 sq. miles. Population: est., 25,977. Voting districts: 4. Principal industries: higher education, service/commerce, agriculture. Location of University of Connecticut Transp.--Passenger: Served by buses of Bonanza Bus Lines, Inc. from Hartford and Providence, RI; The Arrow Lines, Inc. from Hartford; WRTD Storrs-Willimantic. Freight: Served by Central Vermont Railroad. Post offices: Mansfield Center, Mansfield Depot, and Storrs-Mansfield; rural free delivery from Mansfield Center and Storrs-Mansfield. Voted Limited Liquor Permit, 1969.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Mary Stanton; Hours, 8:15 A.M.-4:30 P.M., Mon.-Wed.; 8:15 A.M.-6:30 P.M., Thurs.; 8:00 A.M.-Noon, Fri.; Address, 4 So. Eagleville Rd., 06268; Tel., Storrs, (860) 429-3302; FAX, (860) 429-7785. Website: E-mail: Clerks and Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Sarah Delia, Sharon Tyler.--Town Manager, Matthew W. Hart; E-mail: Council, Paul M. Shapiro, Mayor; William Ryan, Deputy Mayor; Peter Kochenburger, Alex Marcellino, Toni Moran, Virginia Raymond, Mark Sargent, Ben Shaiken, vacancy.--Treas., Amy Meriwether.--Dir. of Finance, Cherie Trahan.--Collector of Revenue, Christine Gamache.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Carol M. Thomas, Chm., Anne E. Greineder, Eric Holinko.--Assessor, Irene Luciano.--Registrars of Voters, Jeanne Mogayzel (D), Beverly M. Miela (R).--Supt. of Schools, Kelly Lyman.--Bd. of Education, Randall Walikonis, Chm., Susannah Everett, John Fratiello, Jr., Martha N. Kelly, Sarah Lacombe, Katherine S.B. Paulhus, Jay Rueckl, Carrie Silver-Bernstein, Kathleen Ward.--Planning and Zoning Comm./Inland Wetlands Agency, JoAnn Goodwin, Chm., Charles J. Ausburger, Binu Chandy, Roswell G. Hall III, Gregory Lewis, Kenneth H. Rawn, Bonnie F. Ryan, Vera Stearns Ward, Susan Westa; Alternates, Paul Aho, Mary Terry Berthelot, vacancy.--Aquifer Protection Agency, JoAnn Goodwin, Chm., Charles J. Ausburger, Binu Chandy, Roswell G. Hall III, Gregory Lewis, Kenneth H. Rawn, Bonnie F. Ryan, Vera Stearns Ward, Susan Westa; Alternates, Paul Aho, Mary Terry Berthelot, vacancy.--Town Planner, Linda Painter.--Zoning Enforcement Officer, Janell M. Mullen.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Sarah Accorsi, Chm., Rick Brosseau, Shirley R. Katz, Robert Stearns, Alicia Welch; Alternates, David Litrico, Tom Ward, vacancy.--Housing Auth., Richard P. Long, Chm., Dexter M. Eddy, Gretchen Hall, Donald Hundt, William S. Simonsen.--Conservation Comm., Quentin Kessel, Chm., Robert Dahn, Neil Facchinetti, Scott Lehmann, Grant Meitzler, John Silander, Michael Soares; Alternates, Aline Booth, vacancy.--Open Space Preservation Comm., James R. Morrow, Chm., Kenneth Feathers, Quentin Kessel, Michael Soares, Vicky Wetherell; Alternates, Roberta Coughlin, vacancy.--Agriculture Comm., Alan Cyr, Bryan Kielbania, Susan Mitchell, Nancy Rawn, Stacey Stearns, Vicky Wetherell; Alternate, Ed Hall, Jason Stearns.--Historic Dist. Comm., Gail Bruhn, Chm., Anita D. Bacon, David Spencer; Alternates, Lesley D. Minearo, John P. Nardi.--Comm. on Aging, Wilfred Bigl, Chm., Bettejane Karnes, Beverly Korba, Laurie G. McMorrow, Don Nolan, Nancy Trawick-Smith, Martina Wharton.--Municipal Historian, Roberta K. Smith.--Social Svs. Dir./Agent for Elderly, Pat Schneider.--Library Bd., Sheila Q. Clark, Chm., Eva Bar-Shalom, Edmond Chibeau, Janet Dauphin, Barbara Katz, Noah Lerman, Thomas Long, Lynn Maziar, Dale Truman; Leslie McDonough, Dir.--Parks Advisory Comm., Sue C. Harrington, Chm., Eric Apgar, Julianna M. Barrett, Tom Harrington, William Thorne; Alternate, vacancy.--Recreation Advisory Comm., Sheldon L. Dyer, Chm., Darren Cook, Donald J. Field, Michael Gerald, Howard Raphaelson, Anne L. Rash.--Dir. of Parks and Recreation, Curt A. Vincente.--Animal Control Officer, Noranne Nielsen.--Dir. of Public Works, John Carrington.--Supt. of Highways, Brian Lavoie.--Building Official, Michael Ninteau.--Dir. of Health, Robert L. Miller.--Solid Waste Advisory Comm., Jane Knox, Chm., Andrea Ames, Rita Braswell, Noaris Burgos, Robert Coughlin, Rita Kornblum.--Chief of Police, Matthew W. Hart.--Chiefs of Fire Dept., Dave Dagon.--Emergency Mgmt. Dir., Fran Raiola.--Town Atty., Kevin Deenen.--Justices of the Peace, Brian R. Ahern, Larry Alan, Stephen M. Bacon, Peggy Beckett-Rinker, J. Wesley Bell, Kelly A. Chicoine, Andrea Epling, Kathy E. Fratoni, Sharry L. Goldman, Edward C. Hall, Roswell G. Hall, April A. Holinko, Carol W. Lewis, Allan R. Maines, James R. Mark, Doryann Plante, Peter G. Plante, Holly E. Rawson, Chandler H. Rose, Judith Ann Stein.

MARLBOROUGH. Hartford County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., Oct., 1803; taken from Colchester, Glastonbury and Hebron. Total area: 23.4 sq. miles; land area: 23.3 sq. miles. Population: est., 6,430. Voting district: 1. Residential community. Transp.--Passenger: Served by buses of Eastern Bus Lines, Inc. from Hartford and New London; Barstow Transp. Co. and by Greyhound. Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Post office: Marlborough.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Nancy W. Dickson; Hours, 8:00 A.M.-4:30 P.M., Mon., Wed., Thurs.; 8:00 A.M.-7:00 P.M., Tues.; 8:00 A.M.-Noon, Fri.; Assessor's Office closed Fri.; Address, 26 No. Main St., P.O. Box 29, 06447-0029; Tel., (860) 295-6206. Website: E-mail: Clerk and Asst. Reg. of Vital Statistics, Lauren A. Griffin.--Selectmen, 1st, Amy J. Traversa (D). Tel., (860) 295-6204, Richard A. Shea (R), Evelyn L. Godbout (D).--Treas., Michael J. O'Neil.--Bd. of Finance, Douglas Knowlton, Chm., Clifford M. Denniss, Ken Hjulstrom, Susan M. Leser, Erik Young; Alternates, Midge Denno, Scott Fleeher, Dan McMahon.--Tax Collector, Barbara C. Murray.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Riva Clark, Charles Hickey, David W. Morganson.--Assessor, Marie P. Hall.--Registrars of Voters, Ann M. Kilby (D), Dorothy Denniss (R).--Supt. of Schools, David Sklarz.--Bd. of Education, Theresa Brysgel, Louise L. Concodello, Judithe Hanover Kaplan, Ruth E. Kelly, Mimi Lapoint, Betty J. O'Brien, Patrick A. Pabouet, Susan Rapelye, Wesley Skorski.--Planning Comm., Wendy K. Nichols, Chm., Eric J. Kelly, Brendon Monstream, Mark A. Stankiewicz; Alternates, Laurence M. Pryor, vacancy.--Zoning Comm., Kevin P. Asklar, Richard Banbury, Susan R. McFarland, Mark Merritt, Sandy Sudduth; Alternates, Eric M. Colantonio, David W. Fisher, vacancy.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, John H. Grasso, Eric J. Kelly, Chris Lawson, Alan W. Miller; Alternates, Todd Sun, Joseph Weber, Matthew Wilson.--Zoning Enforcement Officer, Peter F. Hughes.--Economic Development Comm., Joseph Asklar, Chm., Michael Chotkowski, Norma-Jean Proscia, Poppy Sun, Jeremy Vigneault, vacancy; Alternates, Brett Cavalieri, two vacancies.--Conservation and Inland Wetlands Comm., David Blish, Yvonne Bolton, Susan Jacobson, Emanuel Hatzikostas, vacancy; Alternates, Elliot Ortiz, two vacancies.--Municipal Historian, vacancy.--Welfare Dir./Agent for the Elderly, Violet J. Schwarzmann.--Dir. of Health, Don Mitchell, Chatham Health District.--Parks and Recreation Comm., Barbara Lazzari, Chm., Louise Concodello, David F. LeJune, Kendra Monstream, two vacancies.--Public Works Supv., Chris Corsa.--Sanitarian, James Karrenberg.--Building Inspector, Joe Summers.--Planning Coordinator, Peter F. Hughes.--Tree Warden, Chris Corsa.--Resident State Troopers, Jeff Dunshee, Ben Dodge.--Constables, Jay D. Kehoe, Julius Ransom.--Chief of Fire Dept., William Lord.--Fire Marshal, Joseph Asklar.--Bd. of Fire Comrs., Michael E. Schadtle, A. Douglas Thibodeau, Ray Weber.--Civil Preparedness Dir., Sandra Sudduth.--Town Attys., Rome McGuigan, P.C.--Justices of the Peace, Alan A. Chaniewski, Richard F. Denno, George W. Earley, Shawn R. Fisher, David Foster, Evelyn L. Godbout, John H. Grasso, Linda E. Herrmann, Charles "Ned" Hickey, Ken Hjulstrom, David W. Morganson, Mary G.B. Rankl, Barbara W. Shepherd.

MERIDEN. New Haven County.--(Form of government, city manager, city council.)--Town inc., May, 1806; taken from Wallingford. City inc., May, 1867. Town and city consolidated, Jan. 1, 1922. Total area: 24.1 sq. miles; land area: 23.8 sq. miles. Population: est., 60,293. Voting districts: 13. Once known as the Silver City of the World, it is now the home of Protein Sciences, Thompson Brands, RFS Cablewave, AMF Cuno, Packard BioScience, and Jonal Laboratories. Manufactured products are aircraft products, electronics, biotech filters, nuclear instrumentation, electrical signalling and communications equipment, tools, dies, molds and patterns, phosphorous brass and bronze in sheets, pewter products, automated buffing and deburring machines, plastics, engine gaskets, corrugated boxes and submersible pumps. Transp.--Passenger: Served by Amtrak and buses of Connecticut Transit, from Hartford to New Haven; and by Greyhound. Freight: Served by Connecticut Southern Railroad Company. Post office: Meriden.

CITY AND TOWN OFFICERS. City Clerk, Town Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Denise L. Grandy; Hours, 8:30 A.M.-5:00 P.M., Mon.-Fri.; Address, City Hall, 142 East Main St., Rm. 124, 06450-5667; Tel., (203) 630-4030; FAX, (203) 630-4059. Website: E-mail: City and Town Clerks, Brenda Lee Crosby, Jennifer Tressel.--City Manager, Lawrence J. Kendzior.--City Council, Kevin M. Scarpati, Mayor; Brian P. Daniels, Deputy Mayor; Michael Cardona, Majority Leader; Catherine R. Battista, Deputy Majority Leader; David D. Lowell, Deputy Majority Leader; Daniel Brunet, Minority Leader; Walter A. Shamock, Deputy Minority Leader; Joe Carabetta III, Miguel Castro, Larue A. Graham, Sonia Jelks, Lenny Rich, Bob Williams, Jr.--Dir. of Finance, Michael Lupkas.--Tax Collector, Michelle Kane.--Bd. of Tax Relief, George W. Dimella, Edward Eilertson, William Kroll, Michael Mordowski, Joseph Neumon.--Assessor, Deborah Zunda.--Bd. of Ethics, Joseph Galotti, Chm., Linda K. Braddock, Dan Daly, Loretta Edison Parisi, Kenneth Post.--Registrars of Voters, Maureen E. Flynn (D), Lillian T. Soboleski (R).--Supt. of Schools, Mark D. Benigni.--Bd. of Education, Mark A. Hughes, Chm., Dr. Steven J. O'Donnell, Vice Chm., Robert E. Kosienski, Jr., Secy., John D. Lineen, Jr., Treas., Kyle Abercrombie, Pamela S. Bahre, Kim A. Carbone-Pandiani, Donald R. Green, Esq., Alan E. Pronovost.--Municipal Pension Bd., John Beardsley, Caroline Beitman, Michael Cardona, Joe Carabetta III, John DiRoma, Patrick Gaynor, William Kroll, Michael Lupkas, Kevin McCarthy, Brian Murdy, Justino Sampaio.--Planning Comm., Enrico Buccilli, Chm., James Belote, Ross Gulino,  Laura Uhrig, David White; Alternates, Jack Brooks, David Cooley, Kevin Curry.--City Planner, Robert W. Seale; Asst., Tom Skoglund.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Joseph Ferigno-Feest, Chm., Victor Mathis, Vice Chm., James Flynn, William Kroll; Alternates, Eileen Bongiovanni, Bruce Burchstead, Art Peitler.--Housing Auth., Michael Buccilli, Scott Griffith, Cornelius J. Ivers, Emily Morales-Varona; Robert V. Cappelletti, Exec. Dir.--Design Review Bd., Robert Andrade, Chm., Pamela Craig-White, Vice Chm., Paul Mik, Sr., Richard Reale, Steve L. Robichaud.--Aviation Comm., Donnie Cariate, Stephen Fraas, Robert Hettrick, Philip Massicotte, Mark Poole.--Inland Wetland and Watercourse Comm., Robert Burns, Frank B. Lewandowski, Anna Neumon, Lee Pandiani, Daniel Reardon, Don Smith, Laura Uhrig.--Aquifer Protection Agency, Enrico Buccilli, Chm., James Belote, David Cooley, Laura Uhrig, David White; Alternates, Jack Brooks, Kevin Curry, Rosario Gulino.--Land Conservation Comm., Mary Ellen Mordarski, Chm., Christina Davis, Seth Eddy, Carol Hartt, Elizabeth Kielbasinski, Anna Newman, Carmen Trotta, Councilor Bob Williams; Alternates, William Godburn, Joseph Shiels.--Human Rights Advisory Bd., Hector Cardona, Sr., Ernestine Holloway, Venessa Hutchins, Michael Picone, Rhudean Raye, Ronald Scott; Deborah Moore, Atty.--Dir. of Health, Lea Crown.--Environmental Health Admin., Scott Bryden.--Comm. for Persons with Disabilities, Richard Fuqua, Chm., Debra Belancik, Hasty Foreman, Ernestine Holloway, Larry McDonald, Robin Trowbridge, Daniel Zabrowski.--Library Bd., Joan Edgerly, Chm., Sue Burchsted, Diane Canova, Alan Church, Nydia Dominguez, Janis M. Lloyd, Irene G. Masse, Dave White, Fred Zierler.--Dir. of Parks and Recreation, Mark Zebora.--Dir. of Public Works, Robert J. Bass.--City Engineer, Howard J. Weissberg.--Building Official, vacancy.--Purchasing Agent, Wilma Petro.--Building Code Bd. of Appeals, Richard Fuqua, Kevin Mackey, Thomas McGuire, Loretta Parisi, Michael Tiezzi.--Public Utilities Comm., William Cook, William Godburn, Scott Poryanda, Nadar Saleh, John S. Volopini.--Parking Comm., Joshua Broekstra, Michael Carabetta, Aida Carrero, Martin Horsky.--Dir. of Public Utilities, Dennis Waz.--Chief of Police, Jeffry W. Cossett.--Constable, James Belote.--Chief of Fire Dept., Kenneth E. Morgan; Asst. Fire Chiefs, Robert Burdick, Louis Digennaro, Russell Donovan, Mark Finnegan.--Fire Marshal, Steven Trella; Deputy Fire Marshal, John P. Yacovino.--Emergency Mgmt., David Bowen, Steve Legere.--Corporation Counsel, Atty. Michael Quinn.--Justices of the Peace, Dante Bartolomeo, Fleurette Belote, Daniel R. Brunet, Hector M. Cardona, Sr., Cynthia J. Carrasquillo, John H. Dalton, Christopher Donovan, Joan Smith Edgerly, Daniel S. Flynn III, Maureen E. Flynn, James R. Fusaro, Jeffrey G. Hamelin, Craig J. Hanson, Cornelius J. Ivers, Esq., Angelica Jandreau, Patricia A. Kirouac, Kim T. Morris, Thomas W. Neill, Anna P. Neumon, Joann F. Noonan, Beulah Ward Preston, Frank W. Ridley, Zoraida Rosa, Charlene D. Rowe, Staci M. Roy, Hilda E. Santiago, E. Jack Shorr, Arthur E. Skinner, Lillian Toni Soboleski, Scott G. Soboleski, Jennifer M. Speeg, Janet L. Taylor.

MIDDLEBURY. New Haven County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., Oct., 1807; taken from Waterbury, Woodbury and Southbury. Total area: 18.5 sq. miles, land area: 17.8 sq. miles. Population: est., 7,591. Voting districts: 2. Principal industries: corporate headquarters and manufacture of clocks, watches. Transp.--Passenger: Served by buses of North East Transp. Co., Inc. Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Post office: Middlebury.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Edith Salisbury; Hours, 8:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M., Mon.-Fri.; Address, Town Hall, 1212 Whittemore Rd., 06762-2425; Tel., (203) 758-2557; FAX, (203) 758-2915. Website: E-mail: Clerk and Asst. Reg. of Vital Statistics, Brigitte M. Bessette.--Selectmen, 1st, Edward B. St. John (R), Tel., (203) 758-2439, Michael J. Mccormack (D), Elaine M. R. Strobel (R).--Treas., Robin Stanziale.--Bd. of Finance, William J. Stowell, Chm., Dawn Calabrese, Vincent F. Cipriano, Jr., Ann M. Feinberg, Stephen Ruccio, Rita H. Smith; Alternates, Kenneth W. Heidkamp, Anastaci V. Persico, Peter Joseph Trinchero.--Ethics Comm., Raymond E. Sullivan, Chm., Mary C. Bulkovitch, Patricia C. Fahey, Vincent Thomas Graziano, Sr., Arlene B. McAuliffe.--Chief Financial Officer, Lawrence S. Hutvagner.--Tax Collector, Jean C. Dawes.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Stephen R. Ferrucci III, Chm., Brendan Browne, Robert J. Flanagan, Jr.--Assessor, Christopher Kelsey.--Registrars of Voters, Thomas McCormack (D), Nancy S. Robison (R).--Supt. of Schools, Regina L. Botsford.--Bd. of Education, Paul T. Babarik, Brenda Carter, John R. Cookson, Richard Spierto.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Terry Smith, Chm., Erika Carrington, Joseph J. Drauss, Matthew R. Robison, William J. Stowell; Alternates, Paul T. Babarik, Jeffrey John Grosberg, Christian M. Yantorno.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Kenneth Long, Chm., William R. Bellotti, Raymond A. Caruso, Brian E. Proulx; Alternates, Bernard L. Evans, Linda D. Herrmann, Daniel J. Mahaney.--Zoning Enforcement Officer, Curtis S. Bosco.--Economic and Industrial Dev. Comm., Terrence S. McAuliffe, Chm., Todd Anelli, David A. Cappelletti, Ted J. Mannello, Frank Joseph Mirovsky, Jr., Armando Paul Paolino, Mark M. Petrucci.--Conservation Comm., Vincent B. LoRusso, Chm., Mary Green Barton, Curtis S. Bosco, James G. Crocicchia, Terence J. Manning, Justin Scott Stanziale, George C. Tzepos.--Conservation Enforcement Officer, Deborah Seavey.--Land Preservation Open Space Acquisition Comm., Raymond Pietrorazio, Chm., John R. Cookson, James G. Crocicchia, Patrick T. Dwyer, Kris E. Jacobi, Robert J. Jokubaitis, Ted J. Mannello, Richard Spierto, Malcolm S. Todt, three vacancies.--Water Comm., Rito C. Albini, Chm., Paul P. Dente, Thomas L. Ford, Raymond M. Petrucci, Howard K. Sturges, Jr.--Comm. on Aging, Judith Mirrer, Chm., Barbara D. DeRiu, Nancy G. Mastroianni, Noa Silberberg Miller, Nancy E. Pun, Ann V. Spierto, two vacancies.--Municipal Agent, Jo-Ann Cappelletti.--Library Bd. of Trustees, Rita H. Smith, Chm., Ronald G. Clark, Sr., Robert C. Desmarais, Marilyn S. Engelman, William J. Stowell, Peter C. Vaccarelli.--Library Dir., Joann C. LoRusso.--Municipal Historian, Robert L. Rafford.--Dir. of Parks and Recreation, Betty A. Proulx.--Parks and Recreation Comm., Ronald G. Clark, Sr., Chm., Raymond J. Kasidas, Kelly M. Perrotti, Joan M. Reed, John F. Worgan.--Building Official, Oliver R. LeDuc, Sr.--Pomperaug Valley Water Auth., Rito C. Albini, Francis L. Barton, Jr., Michael B. Dayton.--Water Pollution Control Auth., Robert W. Smith, Chm., Daniel J. Civitello, Ted J. Mannello, Noa Silberberg Miller, Paul J. Phillips.--Acting Chief of Police, Francis Dabbo.--Police Comm., Kenneth W. Heidkamp, Chm., Francis L. Barton, Jr., Paul J. Bowler, Francis Cipriano, George Moreira.--Constables, Patrick J. Bona, Francis J. Cipriano.--Chief of Fire Dept./Civil Preparedness Dir., Anthony M. Bruno.--Fire Marshal, John J. Proulx, Jr.--Town Counsel, The Middlebury Law Firm.--Justices of the Peace, Raymond A. Albini, Rito C. Albini, Richard M. Arroyo, Edward G. Asselin, Paul T. Babarik, Gregory Barnes, Ralph J. Barra, Francis L. Barton, Jr., Brigitte M. Bessette, Patrick J. Bona, Sharon Swan Bosco, Charles Roy Bosman, Yolande D. Bosman, Paul J. Bowler, Marcia K. Braun, John N. Calabrese, Jr., Brenda M. Carter, Richarda R. Chovau, Francis J. Cipriano, Barbara M. DeLong, Annamarie D. DeMattei, Barbara D. DeRiu, David B. Erwin, Bernard L. Evans, Patricia C. Fahey, Joseph R. Faryniarz, Bryan A. Ferrucci, Stephen R. Ferrucci III, Elizabeth V. Fumire, Kenneth W. Heidkamp, Linda D. Herrmann, Ronald C. Herrmann, Shelley S. Jerige, Gary S. Kean, Charles G. Kuehnle, Jr., Ned A. Love, Terence J. Manning, Thomas McCormack, Michael J. McDonald, Michael J. McVerry, Joseph A. Mengacci, George H. Messier, Gerald P. Miller, Jenifer N.B. Miller, Noa Silberberg Miller, Traci D. Morgan, Marjorie M. Needham, Christine Nelson, Kenneth A. Paddyfote, Susan A. Peck, Anastasia V. Persico, James A. Petrauskas, Mary Jean Pisani, Matthew R. Robison, Nancy S. Robison, Joseph J. Rock, John H. Salisbury, Robert P. Scholl, Robert W. Smith, Edward B. St. John, William J. Stowell, Elaine M. R. Strobel, Rosalyn Ann Teleposky, Kristin J. Tiso, George C. Tzepos, Nancy Dzija Vaughan, Virginia M. Whiteley.

MIDDLEFIELD. Middlesex County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., Jun., 1866; taken from Middletown. Total area: 13.3 sq. miles; land area: 12.7 sq. miles. Population: est., 4,424. Voting district: 1. Principal industries: agriculture and manufacture of cement products, novelties in plastics, thermometers, hardware specialties such as wire cutters, tools, dies, fixtures, machinery, and work holding devices. Transp.--Passenger: Served by buses of Dattco Inc. Freight: Served by Conrail from New Haven and Middletown and numerous motor common carriers. Post offices: Middlefield and Rockfall. Rural free delivery from Middlefield and Rockfall post offices.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Donna M. Golub; Hours, 9:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M., Mon.; 9:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M., Tues.-Thurs.; 9:00 A.M.-Noon, Fri.; Town hall office hours: 9:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M., Mon.; 9:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M., Tues.-Thurs.; 9:00 A.M.-3:00 P.M., Fri.; Address, Town Administration Bldg., 393 Jackson Hill Rd., P.O. Box 179, 06455-0179; Tel., (860) 349-7116; FAX, (860) 349-7115. Website: E-mail: Clerk and Asst. Reg. of Vital Statistics, Leanne M. Henry.--Selectmen, 1st, Edward P. Bailey (U), Tel., (860) 349-7114, Jon A. Brayshaw (R), Taryn R. Ruffino (D).--Treas., Mary Ann Zieminski.--Bd. of Finance, Robert C. Yamartino, Chm., James Irish, David Lowry, Alice M. Malcolm, Joel O. Nick, Mary Wolak.--Tax Collector, Anne L. Olszewski; Hours, 9:00 A.M.-1:30 P.M., Mon.-Fri. except during the months of Jan. and Jul., same as Town Hall offices.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Nancy L. Currlin, Robert E. Liptak, Mark A. Myjak.--Assessor, Richard Lasky; Hours, Monday and Wednesday, 9:00 A.M.-2:00 P.M.--Registrars of Voters, Barbara Jean DiMauro (D), Jeffrey G. Drenzek (R).--Supt. of Schools, Dr. Kathryn Veronesi.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Robert K. Johnson, Chm., Kevin Boyle, Brooke Carlson, Peter Tyc, J. Scott Wheeler; Alternates, Jay Brown, Erin Wilson, vacancy.--Town Planner, Geoffrey Colegrove.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Christopher M. Champagne, Chm., Joseph Angello, David Glueck, Patrick J. Olszewski, Charles Augur; Alternates, Michael Janis, two vacancies.--Building Inspector, Robert Myers.--Zoning Enforcement Officer, Geoffrey Colegrove.--Housing Auth., Alma Elder, Chm., Barbara Jean DiMauro, Mark Gribko, Barbara Shiffert, Frederick Vincent.--Conservation Comm., David Chowaniec, Chm., Susan K. Heuberger, Sally Lyons, Michael Svitek, three vacancies.--Inland Wetlands Comm., Rebecca Adams, Chm., Irene A. Angeiltta, Randolph Bernotas, Dr. James Brown, Linda Li, Robert Porturnicki, Patrick Manning; Alternates, Robert C. Veeley, two vacancies.--Water Pollution Control Authority, Edward P. Bailey, Chm., Kathleen Kokoszka, Robert J. Porturnicki, Jr., Richard F. Rynaski, Peter B. Sibley, Robert C. Veeley.--Economic Development, William V. W. Warner, Chm., Sebastian J. Aresco, Melissa Kowal, Martin Smith, Laura Williams.--Agent for the Elderly, Jaclyn Caturano.--Dir. of Health, Matthew Huddleston, M.D.--Parks and Recreation Comm., Cynthia DiLauro, Chm., Brian McDermott, Frank Wolak; Alternates, Donald Ginter, David Lowry, Heide Pizzo.--Town Engineer, Nathan Jacobson Associates.--Sanitarian, Lee Vito.--Tree Wardens, Bruce Vilwock, John Wyskiel.--Resident State Trooper, Eric Kelly, Timothy Kendrick.--Chief of Police, Edward P. Bailey.--Chief of Fire Dept., Peter Tyc.--Fire Marshal, Stanley C. Atwell, Jr.--Emergency Mgmt. Dir., William W. Roberts.--Emergency Planning Comm., Fire Marshal Stan Atwell, First Selectman Edward P. Bailey, Chris Cahill, Beth Johnson, Resident Trooper Eric Kelly, Fire Chief Peter Tyc, Sanitarian Lee Vito, Charles J. Zieminski.--Town Atty., Bruno Morasutti.--Justices of the Peace, Jon A. Brayshaw, William E. Currlin, Barbara J. DiMauro, James E. Gibbons, Cathleen Hinsch, Lisa A. Irish, Gina L. Layman, William F. Mackey, Lee R. Matterazzo, Robert G. Monthei, Cheryl Ann Pizzo, Carol Schilling, Emalee B. Schilling, Bryan R. Scibilia, Georgene M. Smith, Ellen C. Waff, John W. Wyskiel.

MIDDLETOWN. Middlesex County.--(Form of government, mayor, common council.)--Town inc., Sept. 11, 1651, named, Nov. 1653; city inc., 1784, town and city consolidated, 1923. Total area: 42.3 sq. miles; land area: 40.9 sq. miles. Population: est., 47,043. Voting districts: 14. Principal industries: information technology, switches, paper boxes, internet publishing, office machinery, aerospace products, tools and dies, metal and wire goods, brass hardware, heat elements, plastics, sheet metal, chemicals, jet engines and insurance. Transp.--Passenger: Served by buses of Connecticut Transit to Hartford and the Middletown Transit (local); Greyhound from East Hampton, New Haven and Willimantic, and by Trailways. Freight: Served by Conrail and numerous motor common carriers. Post office: Middletown.

CITY AND TOWN OFFICERS. City and Town Clerk, Linda Bettencourt; Hours, 8:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M., Mon.-Fri.; Address, Municipal Bldg., 245 DeKoven Dr. and Court St., 06457-1300; Tel., (860) 638-4910; FAX, (860) 638-1910. Website: E-mail: Town Clerk, vacancy.--Asst. Town Clerks, Cheryl B. Melkonian, Tina Ranno.--Reg. of Vital Statistics, Joseph A. Havlicek.--Asst. Reg. of Vital Statistics, Judy Kudrak, Camille Salamone.--Mayor, Daniel T. Drew (D); Chief of Staff, Joseph Samolis (D).--City Council, Robert P. Santangelo, Deputy Mayor, Mary A. Bartolotta, Robert Blanchard, Carl Chisem, Gerald E. Daley, Grady Faulkner, Sebastian N. Giuliano, Deborah A. Kleckowski, Eugene Nocera, Philip J. Pessina, Linda Salafia, Thomas J. Serra.--Bd. of Ethics, Corrine Dorsey, Gregory Harris, John Shaw, Ted Stein, Richard Wrubel; Alternates, Stanley Sadinsky, vacancy.--Treas., Quentin Phipps.--Dir. of Finance, Carl Erlacher.--Finance and Government Operations, Thomas J. Serra, Chm., Mary A. Bartolotta, Gerald E. Daley, Sebastian N. Giuliano, Linda Salafia.--Tax Collector, Lee Matterazzo.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Kathryn Adams, Ryan Kennedy, Artistia Partiss.--Tax Assessor, Damon Braasch.--Insurance and Claims Comm., Grady Faulkner, Chm., Robert Blanchard, Linda Salafia.--Registrars of Voters, Elizabeth Santangelo (D), Janice Gionfriddo (R).--Supt. of Schools, Dr. Patricia Charles.--Bd. of Education, Vincent Loffredo, Chm., Franca Biales, Deborah Cain, Sheila C. Daniels, Christopher Drake, Marilyn Dunkley, Cheryl McClellan, Linda Szynkowicz, Anita Dempsey White.--Human Resources Dir., Kathy Morey.--Retirement Bd., Mary Bartolotta, Carl Erlacher, Mayor Daniel T. Drew, Steven Gomes, John Milardo, James Reynolds, Linda Salafia, Joseph Serra.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Daniel Russo, Chm., Jeremy Clark, Stephen Devoto, Richard Pelletier, Joyce Rossitter, Molly Salafia, Vincent Szynkowicz; Alternates, Corrine Dorsey, Elizabeth Emery, Thom Pattavina.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Anabelle Resnisky, Chm., Steven Kovach, Judy Pehota, Jonathan Pulino, Linda Reil, vacancy; Alternates, Gary Middleton, Evelyn Russo, Robert Stefurak.--Economic Development Comm., Gerald E. Daley, Chm., Deborah Kleckowski, Philip J. Pessina, Robert P. Santangelo, Thomas J. Serra.--Parking Dir., Geen Thazhampallath.--Parking Advisory Comm., Jennifer Alexander, Welles Guilmartin, Peter Harding, Marc Levine, Quentin Phipps, Linda Salafia, Robert P. Santangelo.--Housing Auth., Philip Cacciola, Izzy Greenberg, Evan Noglow, Sebastian Santacroce, Senova Stone.--Housing Code Enforcement Officer, Dennis Murray.--Conservation Comm., Jane Brawerman, Elisabeth Holder, Stephen Ladd, Joan Liska, Ellen Lukens, Diane McGrath, Kate Miller, Jonathan Morris, Katherine Owens, Sheila Stoane; Alternates, Brian Gartner, Jay Tulin, vacancy.--Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Agency, Joseph Carta, Chm., Hector Bartoli, Trevor Davis, David Pelletier, David Pritchard, Fred Terrasi, Paul Turenne, Robert Whitney, two vacancies; Alternates, Constance Kisluk, John Pieper, Gabriel Russo, two vacancies.--Aquifer Protection Agency, Daniel Russo, Chm., Molly Salafia, Vice Chm., Jeremy Clark, Stephen Devoto, Richard Pelletier, Joyce Rossitter, Vincent Szynkowicz; Alternates, Robert Blanchard, Elizabeth Emery, Philip Pessina.--Citizens Advisory Comm., Ronnie Bantam, Jessica Broderick, Harvey Cushing, Kathy Duplesis, Grady Faulkner, Sean King, Deborah Kleckowski, Jammie Middleton, Susan Owens, Richard Pelletier, Howard Reid, John Rumberger, Linda Szynkowicz, Vincent Szynkowicz, James Tullin.--Middletown Preservation and Design Review Bd., Jeffrey D. Bianco, Chm., Harvey Cushing, David Greaves, Steven Kovach, Brian Kronenberger, Marilyn Mills, Bruce Plumley, Molly Salafia.--Municipal Agent for Elderly, Laura Runte.--Human Relations Dept., Faith M. Jackson.--Human Relations Comm., Tamika Browne, Justin Carbonella, Brandie Doyle, Henry Fernandez, Richard Kagan, Marcia McIntosh, Thea Leticia Racelis, Debbie Ruimerman, Howard Thody, Jeannette White.--Social Svs. Liaison, Salvatore Nesci.--Comm. Concerning People with Disabilities, Philip Cacciola, Joseph Carta, Jr., August DeFrance, Marie Hurley, Martin Knight, Richard Pelletier, Keith Vinci; Staff, Faith Jackson; Alternates, Joe Bibisi, Elderrean Paules, vacancy.--Dir. of Health, Joseph A. Havlicek, M.D.--Bd. of Health, Frances Ganguli, Chm., Patricia DeStefano, Raven Fenmore, Stanislaus Opalacz, M.D., Phillip J. Pessina, Aaron Roome.--Russell Library Trustees, Jennifer Hadley, Bruce Markot, A. Stephen Nelson, Cynthia Sanders, Geen Thazhampallath, Sowgol Zakarian; Matthew Poland, Dir.; Vincent J. Juliano, Asst. Dir.--Municipal Historian, Deborah D. Shapiro.--Middletown Comm. on the Arts, Frances Ganguli, Chm., Barbara Arafeh, Franca Biales, Cassandra Day, Julie Faraci, Sebastian N. Giuliano, Lee Godburn, Jay Hoggard, Joyce Kirkpatrick, Jennifer Hawkins Lecce, Sara Macsorley, Charlotte McCoid, Robert P. Santangelo; Stephen Allison, Arts Project Mgr.--Recreation and Community Svs., Mary Bartolotta, Lucy Bettencourt, Edward Dypa, Thomas Hutton, Anthony Jascot, Philip Pessina, Rick Romano, Sal Ucello, William Wasch.--Youth Svs. Bureau Advisory Bd., Edwin Anderson, Michael Awdziewicz, Kyle Burreuther, Supt. of Schools Dr. Patricia Charles, Mayor Daniel T. Drew, Grady Faulkner, Sebastian N. Giuliano, Cheryl Jackson, Joanne Jukins, William McKissick, Elizabeth Nocera, William Porter; Justin Carbonella, Youth Svs. Coordinator.--Dir. of Public Works, William Russo.--Purchasing Agent, Donna Imme.--Building Official, Dean Lisitano.--Assistant Bldg. Officials, Richard DeMaio, Bill Lardi.--Water Pollution Control Auth., Dale Aldieri, Scott Bishel, Emanuel DiMauro, John Giuliano, Eugene Nocera, Philip J. Pessina, Jack Pieper.--Dir., Water and Sewer, Guy Russo.--Harbor Improvement Agency, Thomas A. Chace, Joseph Childs, Jr., Peter Gillies, Tom Hibbard, Eugene Nocera, Philip J. Pessina, Gabriel Russo, Wendy Shiel, Wendy Siena, William Wilson.--Pollution Control Supt., Alton Sanders.--Sanitation Comm., Monica Belyea, Thomas Goglia, Barbara "Bobbye" Peterson, Sebastian J. Santacroce, John Uccello.--Sanitarians, Vincent Mazzotta, Jennier Sawicki; Salvatore Nesci, Chief.--Chief of Police, William McKenna; Deputy Chief of Police, Michael Timbro.--Public Safety Comm., Robert P. Santangelo, Chm., Mary Bartolotta, Carl Chisem, Deborah A. Kleckowski, Philip Pessina.--Fire Chiefs, Central: Robert Kronenberger; South: Robert Ross; Westfield: William Balch.--Emergency Mgmt., George Dunn.--Central Communications Dir., Wayne Bartolotta.--Supt. of Fire Alarms, Joseph Rigano; Asst. Supt., Ken Skomro.--Public Works and facilities Comm., Carl Chisem, Chm., Sebastian Giuliano, Eugene Nocera, Philip Pessina, Thomas J. Serra.--Corporation Counsel, Daniel B. Ryan.--City Atty., Brigham Smith; Christopher Smedick, Kori Wisneski, Deputy City Attys.--Justices of the Peace, Leslie P. Adams, Jr., Patricia Alston, Daniel Barone, Wayne Bartolotta, David P. Bauer, Todd G. Berch, Lucy Bettencourt, David A. Boyce, William L. Brault, A. Marie Carlson, Margaret E. Chabak, Trevor Charles, Carl Chisem, Mark D. Czaja, William Dillon, William F. Dougherty, Mayor Daniel T. Drew, Gary W. Faraci, Sandra L. Faraci, Ernest P. Garofoli, Stephen T. Gionfriddo, William F. Gregorio, Sr., Callie Grippo, Maria Madsen Holzberg, Kimberly Inglis, Tami Kapacziewski, Kevin Kelly, Ryan Kennedy, Deborah Kleckowski, Matthew James Jones, Marie Kalita Leary, Matthew L. Lesser, Tammy Marzik, Ralph Matteo, John C. Mayoros, Sr., Gary McNaughton, Willard M. McRae, Joseph E. Milardo, Jr., Laurie L. Moore, Salvatore G. Nesci, Anton A. Petras, Diane A. Petras, Quentin Phipps, John Pieper, Jr., Linda Pierce, Mario Pierce, Jonathan Pulino, Annabel L. Resnisky, Guy P. Russo, Sandra Russo-Driska, Helen Ryan, Cynthia Sanders, Elizabeth N. Santangelo, Joseph C. Serra, Thomas J. Serra, Patricia Sloan, Leslie A. Spatola, Mari-Jo Stevens, Domenique Thornton, Eleanor C. Tomaszewski, Lea L. Tomaszewski, Anne M. Tommasi, Marcella Trowbridge, Paul H. Turenne, William S. Wilson.

MILFORD. New Haven County.--(Form of government, mayor, board of aldermen.)--Settled in 1639, under New Haven; named, Nov. 24, 1640; united with Connecticut Colony, 1664. Inc. as a city, June 15, 1959. Town and city consolidated, 1959. Total area: 26.2 sq. miles; land area: 22.6 sq. miles. Population: est., 53,358. Voting districts: 8. Regional Center Retail Trade, principal industries, electric power generation, corporate headquarters, healthcare, financial services, software design, lodging, entertainment, food service, sales and service, construction, telecommunications, recreational boating, marinas, distribution and warehousing. Manufacturing including specialty tools, consumer products, high-tech components, fabricated metals, instruments, defense-related products, plastics and other items. Transp.--Passenger: Served by Metro North Commuter Railroad Co. and buses of Connecticut Transit between Milford and New Haven and Milford Transit for local and service to Stratford. Major corporate headquarters center and limousine service to Hartford, New York, and Newark airports. Post offices: Milford Center, Devon, Pepe's Farm Rd.

CITY AND TOWN OFFICERS. City Clerk, Town Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Joanne M. Rohrig; Hours, 8:30 A.M.-5:00 P.M., Mon.-Fri.; Address, Parsons Complex, 70 West River St., 06460-3364; Tel., (203) 783-3210; FAX, (203) 783-4856. Website: E-mail: Clerks and Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Rose M. Elliott, Suzanne Horvath, Bonnie Peloso.--Mayor, Benjamin G. Blake (D).--Bd. of Aldermen, Phillip J. Vetro, Chm., Bryan N. Anderson, Ellen Beatty, Bill Bevan, Brian Bier, Michael S. Casey, Daniel J. German, Anthony S. Giannattasio, Janet A. Golden, Jeremy Grant, Martin B. Hardiman, Susan Shaw, Frank Smith, Nick Veccharelli, Jr., Raymond G. Vitali.--Treas., Lee Nosal.--Bd. of Finance, Brian A. Lema, Chm., Joseph L. Castignoli, Joseph J. Fitzpatrick, Jr., Mickel Montano, Lauren A. Secondi.--Dir. of Finance, Peter Erodici.--Tax Collector, Sue Taft; Deputy, Linda Catino.--Bd. of Assessment Review, Henry B. Healey, Chm., Gregory F. Harla, Carolyn L. Ramadon-Augur; Alternates, Sarah Tullo, Jason P. Zammiello.--Assessor, Dan Thomas; Deputies, Marcus Irrek, Sandy Rainieri.--Registrars of Voters, Kerri T. Rowland (D), Debra D. Fellenbaum (R).--Supt. of Schools, Dr. Elizabeth Feser.--Bd. of Education, Susan Glennon, Chm., Claire I. Casey, Michael DeGrego, Suzanne L. DiBiase, Jennifer Federico, Dr. Jess Gregory, Walter W. Hagedorn,  Thomas Jagodzinski, Susan Krushinsky, Earl Whiskeyman.--Ethics Comm., Chad Bedell, Alexander G. Egelson, C. Frank Figliuzzi, Paul M. Shearer, James Trowbridge.--Pension and Retirement Bd., Christopher Cody, Chm., Thomas J. Beirne, Timothy Bradbury, Matthew C. Chaco, Richard L. Elwell, Michael Hedman, Gregory S. Kimmell, Ann Maher, Leo T. Mahoney, Brandon D. Marschner, Christian McInnis, Frank J. Murphy, MaryRose Palumbo, C. Robert Satti, Jr., vacancy; Alternates, Edward Abel, Paul S. Beckwith, Scott Firmender, Judy Keeler, Jeffrey A. Maurutis, Michael Moreno, Robert J. Smith.--Personnel Dir., Tania Barnes.--Civil Service Comm., Thomas N. Toohey, Chm., Joel Baldwin, H. James Haselkamp, Henry B. Healey, Twig Holland, Janice Tantimonico.--Planning and Zoning Bd., Michael Dolan, John L. Grant, Jr., Richard Lutz, Scott Marlow, Edward D. Mead, Carl Moore, Thomas C. Nichol, Thomas Panzella, Jim Quish, Anthony Sutton.--Dept. of Planning and Land Use, Joseph Griffith, Exec. Dir.--City Planner, David B. Sulkis.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Joseph A. Tuozzola, Sr., Chm., Sara Ferrante, Howard F. Haberman, John J. Vaccino, Jr.; Alternates, Gary DuBois, Allison Rose Egelson, Robert Thomas.--Zoning Enforcement Officer, Stephen H. Harris.--Inland Wetlands Agency, Cathleen A. Collins, Chm., James D. Connors, Kenneth R. Cowden, David DeFlumeri, Lily Flannigan, Brendan Magnan, Stephen V. Munson, Philip W. Zetye; Alternates, Carol Dunn, Daniel F. Schopick.--Economic Development Comm., Gregory Harla, Chm., Suzanne Cahill, John T. DePalma, Victor M. Ferrante, George Hunihan, Michael P. Lynch, John C. O'Neil; Julie Nash, Exec. Dir.--Milford Redevelopment and Housing Partnership, Samuel S. Bergami III, H. Richard Borer, Jr., Suzette Hallstrom, Charles Montalbano, Robert J. Testo III; Anthony Vasiliou, Exec. Dir.--Conservation Comm., Claire I. Casey, Dan C. Drago, Keith Dunn, Ryan A. Keller, Gerard E. Loiselle, Jr., Maureen Mauro-Desantie, Janet C. McAllister, Oden H. Seaholm.--Flood and Erosion Control Bd., Thomas E. Bach, Drew Berndlmaier, J. Andrew Bevilacque, John R. Casey, Jr., Michael Zabinski.--Historic Dist. (South of the Green), Carol Molloy Smith, Chm., Gary M. Becker, M. Elizabeth Kennard, Walter Ortoleva, Arthur Paulson; Alternates, Marjorie C. Jones, Arthur W. Stowe, Christopher Thomas.--Historic Dist. Comm., Robert Berchem, Chm., John Carissimi, Katherine Lutz, Arthur W. Stowe, Suzanne Whittaker; Alternates, Timothy Chaucer, Michele A. Kramer, Linda B. Stephenson.--Council on Aging, Lillian Holmes, Chm., Philip A. Caporusso, Cynthia R. DeLuca, Richard E. Dowin, Doreen Fontana, Teresa Nolan, Michael J. Petrucelli, Shirley A. Serrano, Beverly Streit-Kefalas.--Human Services Dept., Donna Nunno, Chm., Karen L. Barnett, Joan Campbell, Brendan D. Casey, Rev. Karl Deutzmann, Kathleen Hurley, Mary Lou Kecko, Scott Moulton, Susan M. Stango; Lisa E. Diamond-Graham, Dir.--Dir. of Health, Deepa Joseph.--Chief Environmental Officer, Laura Miller.--Milford Energy Advisory Bd., Alan Brewster, Chm., Curt Krushinsky, Diane Lentakis, Pieter Moen, Silvestre Moura, Susan K. Stokes, James Whitaker.-- Bd. of Health, Dr. Constance Young, Chm., Joan Cagginello, Joan M. Costello, Christine M. Gonillo, Ernest Judson, Jr., Holly E. Mulrenan, Dr. Mitchell Quintner.--Library Bd., Scott Barnett, Linda Creedon, Suzanne E. D'Anna, Telka diFate, Constance C. Gaynor, Alice F. Oliver, Alicia Piselli, Linda L. Wanosky, Toby Zabinski; Christine Angeli, Librarian.--Fine Arts Council, Paige Miglio, Exec. Dir.--Park, Beach and Recreation Comm., Daniel W. Worroll, Jr., Chm., Ann Fabian, Frank R. Giustino, Kerri Rowland, Felicia Shashinka.--Dir. of Recreation, Paul Piscitelli.--Golf Course Comm., Richard J. Austin, Chm., George J. Amato, Jr., Marilyn W. Blake, William D. Healey, John H. O'Connell, Ronald Peruzzi, Daniel W. Worroll, Jr.--Dir. of Public Works, Chris Saley.--City Engineer, Gregory Pidluski.--Purchasing Agent, Frederick Bialka.--Building Inspector, Charles Corell.--Building Code Bd. of Appeals, Louis J. D'Amato, Chm., Richard F. Jagoe, Ray S. Oliver, John Wojnarowski, vacancy.--Sewer Comm., Robert J. Carroll, Chm., Donald F. Anderson, Edmund Q. Collier, Lee S. Cooke, Bradford W. Hubler.--Harbor Mgmt. Comm., Robert C. Post, Chm., James R. Beard, Nancy Berrien Bennett, Robert M. Brennan, John L. Nevin, Ray S. Oliver; Alternates, Raymond Kirmaier, Dora A. Kubek.--Dir. of Harbor Operations, Raymond Swift.--Sanitation Foreman, David Rainey.--Tree Warden, Richard Tomasco.--Tree Comm., Bryan J. Mancini, Chm., Jennifer Ibarra, James T. Malaney, Kate D. Orecchio, David Skirkanich, vacancy; Alternates, Seny J. Riccardi, Melissa Smith.--Animal Shelter Comm., Marilyn Blake, Chm., Edward Leuchtner, Sarah Nierenberg, Susan Stanek, vacancy.--Chief of Police, Keith L. Mello; Deputy Chief of Police, Kenneth Rahn; Admin. Captain, John Alexopoulos.--Police Comm., Richard Smith, Chm., Samuel Bergami, Jr., Carol Faruolo, Alberta Jagoe, Sharon Marrone, David Rubenstein, Jerold M. Wanosky.--Constables, Linda J. Hardiman, George A. Marshall, John Moffitt, Joan Rousseau, Shirley A. Serrano, Peter Smith, Steven T. Visconti.--Chief of Fire Dept., Douglas A. Edo; Fire Marshal, Gary R. Baker; Asst. Chiefs, Gary R. Baker, Bernard L. Begley.--Bd. of Fire Comrs., Thomas Riso, Jr., Chm., William A. Brennan, Kevin C. McGrath, Richard W. Smith, Greta J. Stanford, Howard S. Stein, Joseph G. Weber.--Emergency Mgmt. Dir., Douglas A. Edo; Asst. Emergency Mgmt., Bill Richards.--City Atty., Jonathan D. Berchem.--Justices of the Peace, Bill Bevan, Benjamin G. Blake, Susan Cahill, Linda M. Casey, Allan E. Cegan, Don DiNapoli, Robert M. Eldridge, Harvey Elson, Una A. Glennon, David W. Griffin, Linda M. Gustafson, William D. Healey, Thomas Jagodzinski, Douglas Kovacs, George Marshall, Daniel L. McAllen III, Thomas Miller, James L. Richetelli, Jr., Shirley Serrano, Paula Smith, Richard Smith, Linda B. Stephenson, Marilyn Wardell, Karen Zaneski.

MONROE. Fairfield County.--(Form of government, 1st selectman, town council, town meeting.)--Inc., May, 1823; taken from Huntington (now Shelton.) Total area: 26.3 sq. miles; land area: 26.1 sq. miles. Population: est., 19,867. Voting districts: 4. Principally residential, varied small industries. Transp.--Freight: Served by Conrail and numerous motor common carriers. Post offices: Monroe and Stevenson. Sixteen rural delivery routes supply the inhabitants with mail daily.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Vida V. Stone; Hours, 8:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M., Mon.-Thurs.; 8:30 A.M.-1:30 P.M., Fri.; Address, Town Hall, 7 Fan Hill Rd., 06468-1800; Tel., (203) 452-2800; FAX, (203) 452-6581. Website: Clerks and Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Dianne M. Blatchley, Theresa A. DiGiovanna.--1st Selectmen, Stephen Vavrek (R), Tel., (203) 452-2821.--Town Council, Frank Lieto, Chm., Enid S. Lipeles, Vice Chm., Phyllis Kansky, Nicholas Kapoor, Kenneth Kellogg, Dee Dee Martin, Sean O'Rourke, Kevin Reid, Terry Rooney.--Treas., Deborah Heim.--Bd. of Ethics, Robert Roche, Chm., Bob Burnaska, Matthew Nyden, Brian Purdy; Alternates, Anthony Marciano, Norman Rancourt, vacancy.--Bd. of Finance, Michael Manjos, Chm., John Ostaszewski, Vice Chm., Debra Dutches, Carl Ferraro, Ted Quinlan, Christine Rigby.--Tax Collector, Emanuel Cambra, Jr.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Victor Yanosy, Chm., Marcy LaFollette, Jan Larsen.--Assessor, Richard Lasky.--Registrars of Voters, Susan A. Koneff (D), Judith Stripay (R).--Supt. of Schools, James Agostine.--Bd. of Education, Donna Lane, Chm., George A. King III, Vice Chm., Christine Cascella, Jeffrey Guttman, James Martinez, Shannon Monaco, Jerry Stevens, Alan Vaglivelo.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Patrick O'Hara, Chm., William Porter, Vice Chm., Leon Ambrosey, Jeremy Hayden, David Townson; Alternates, Cathleen Lindstrom, Paul Lisi.--Planning Admin., Will Agresta.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, James Wendt, Chm., Marion Callo, Michael Pinto, Robert Saraco, Jr.; Alternates, Ryan Condon, Ben Maini, vacancy.--Zoning Enforcement Officer, Joseph Chapman.--Economic Development Comm., Jonathan A. Stone, Chm., Barbara Fahr, Vice Chm., Bruno Maini, Brendan McKeon, Herman Olivera III, Teri Rotella, Gerry Stevens.--Housing Auth., Walter Hedden, Chm., Jan Larsen, Karen Linden, Mary Provenzano, Robert Tranzillo.--Conservation Comm., Karen Burnaska, Vice Chm., Beverly Doyle, Ryan Driscoll, Jeffrey Fulchino, Cynthia Giancaspro, Ellie Krevolin, Marven Moss.--Inland Wetlands Comm., Michael S. Muttitt, Chm., Jason Grady, Vice Chm., Meghan Hayden, Ross M. Mastrorocco, Peter Olivia, Lois Spence, James Stewart.--Historic Dist. Comm., Chuck Woerner, Chm., Aaron McGoldrick, Vice Chm., Alice Pulliam, Gary Thompson, Karen L. Woodford; Alternates, Edward N. Coffey, Joshua Iannarone, vacancy.--Municipal Historian, Edward N. Coffey.--Youth Comm., Kelly Plunkett, Chm., Jennifer Aguilar, Laren Mary Gotimer, Jennifer Heitzke, Peter Laquesse, John L. Salvatore, Elaina Weiser.--Comm. for the Aging, Helma Chartier, Chm., Vivian Capoccitti, Veronica Condon, Amy Kropchak, Jason Maur, Theresa Pontillo, Kathleen Quinn, Dorothy Woerner, Beverly Zwierlein.--Agent for the Elderly, Barbara Yeager.--Emergency Medical Svs. Comm., John Brenna, Chm., Paul Resnick, Vice Chm., Danniel P. Hunsberger, Lisa Pane, Kenneth Weilk.--Library Bd., Gary Thomas, Chm., Pat Shea, Vice Chm., Linda Fracassini, Erin T. Passineau, Emily Serniak, Kathy Stevens, Roberta Weinberg; Margaret Borchers, Librarian.--Lake Zoar Auth., Jerry Isleib, Ed Kusinski, Mark Saksa.--Parks and Recreation Comm., Tony Scott, Chm., Andrew Csire, Vice Chm., Dawn Barbeiri, Jamie Cardinale, Angelo Lisi, Jr., Agostino Modaffari, Terrance Rooney, Tony Scott, Jonathan Stone, Patricia A. Tomchik; Frank Cooper, Recreation Dir.--Town Engineer, Scott Schatzlein.--Highway Foreman, James Robinson.--Building Inspector, James Sandor.--Building Bd. of Appeals, Salvatore Morabito, Chm., Al Cascella, Jonathan Formichella, Michael Mount, Frank Quaranta.--Water Pollution Control Auth., John T. Dunne, Jr., Chm., Tanya Bombero, Kris Carpenter, John Epifano, Michael Wellman.--Sanitarian, Richard Jackson.--Tree Warden, David Solek.--Chief of Police, John L. Salvatore.--Police Comm., Ronald Villani, Chm., James E. Bresnahan, Edward J. Deak, Jr., Bill Florin, Gary Scrofani.--Constables, Patricia A. Tomchik, Victor W. Yanosy.--Emergency Mgmt. Dir., David York.--Chiefs of Fire Dept., Monroe: George Lattanzi; Stepney: Scott Rose; Stevenson: Robert Galbraith.--Fire Marshal, William Davin.--Town Atty., John P. Fracassini.--Justices of the Peace, Susan Bannay, Karen L. Burnaska, Sandra Gabriel-Busa, Albert B. Civitelli, Andrew F. Csire, Debra Lynn Dutches, Bari S. Dworken, Elizabeth Edgerton, David D. Halliwell, Nicholas Kapoor, Malvin L. Karwoski, Kenneth Kellogg, Susan A. Koneff, Enid Lipeles, Dee Dee Martin, Raymond McPadden, Sr., Michele Mount, Fatima M. Silva, J. P. Sredzinski, Judith J. Stripay, Patricia A. Tomchik, Margaret J. Villani, James R. Weinberg, Joseph F. Wright, Gary E. Zenobia.

MONTVILLE. New London County.--(Form of government, mayor, town council, limited town meeting.)--Inc., Oct. 12, 1786; taken from New London. Total area: 44.1 sq. miles; land area: 42.0 sq. miles. Population: est. 19,635. Voting districts: 6. Principal industries: the manufacture of paper board, paper boxes, computer boards, electricity, tachometers, aluminum doors and windows, and Indian gaming. Transp.--Passenger: Served by buses of SEAT. Freight: Served by Central Vermont Railway and numerous motor carriers. Post offices: Montville, Oakdale and Uncasville.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Lisa Terry; Hours, 8:00 A.M.-4:30 P.M., Mon.-Fri.; Address, Town Hall, 310 Norwich-New London Tpke., Uncasville 06382; Tel., Norwich, (860) 848-6784; FAX, (860) 848-9784. Website: E-mail: Clerk and Asst. Reg. of Vital Statistics, Melinda L. Roberts.--Mayor, Ronald McDaniel, Jr. (D), Tel., (860) 848-6778.--Town Council, Joseph W. Jaskiewicz, Chm., William P. Caron, Cyril Longton, Tim May, Kathy Pollard, Joseph Rogulski, Laura Tanner.--Finance Dir., Theresa Hart.--Treas., Pamela Bonanno.--Tax Collector, Jerl Casey.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Wills Pike, Chm., Stanly Gwudz, Florence Turner.--Assessor, Lucy Beit.--Registrars of Voters, Christine Kutz (D), Dana McFee (R).--Supt. of Schools, Brian C. Levesque.--Bd. of Education, Robert R. Mitchell, Jr., Chm., Carrie Thomas Baxter, Sandra Berardy, Daniel Boisvert, Steven J. Loiler, Kim Navetta, Todd F. Pomazon, Colleen Rix, James B. Wood.--Town Planner, Marcia Vlaun.--Planning and Zoning Comm., William Pieniadz, Chm., Ronald Bolles, John Desjardins, Bruce Duchesneau, Bart Ferrante, Jr., Michael Hillsberg, Allen V. Polhemus, Anthony Siragusa, James K. Toner, Fred Yeitz; Alternates, two vacancies.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, John R. MacNeil, Chm., Joe Aquitante III, Joseph Berardy, Denise Gladue, Richard Gladue; Alternates, Carl Freeman, vacancy.--Zoning Enforcement Officer, Liz Burdick.--Economic Development, Karl Butzgy, Chm., Marjorie Gatheral, Walter Hewitt, Christopher Napierski, John Paul Protz, Jr., Jim Toner, Dianne E. Williams; Alternates, two vacancies.--Housing Auth., Michael P. Fecher, Vincent James Roemmele, Timothy Sullivan, vacancy.--Conservation Comm., Paul Chase, William Hornok, Jessica LeClair, Eric Rousseau, vacancy.--Inland Wetlands Comm., Douglas K. Brush, Chm., Sandra Berardy, Scott C. Deranleau, Jeffrey Greiner, Philip Houk, Charles H. Obday III, Howard V. Riske, Jr., Alternates, two vacancies--Flood and Erosion Control Bd., Town Council.--Municipal Historian, John Chase.--Comm. on Aging, Kathleen Doherty-Peck, Chm., Mary Adams, Patricia Antoniac, Karen Doherty, Monica MacNeil, Margaret Skinner, Louis Ziegler.--Social Svs. Dir., Kathleen Doherty-Peck.--Youth Advisory Bd., Daniel Dunn, Chm., Leonard Bunnell, Sr., William Carlos, Jr., Brianne Messier, Robert R. Mitchell, Jr., Kailah Pflugbeil, Susan Rickards, Allyson Schmeizl, Timothy Shanahan.--Youth Svs. Dir., Barbara Lockhart.--Dir. of Health, Patrick McCormack.--Parks and Recreation Comm., Scott Lavallie, Chm., Matthieu Beaupre, Joseph S. Berardy, Eileen Cicchese, Nancy Delacruz, Ryan Hartman, Keri Lawton, Karen Perkins, Kristin Ventresca; Peter Bushway, Recreation Dir.--Chief Plant Operator/Water Pollution Control Auth. Supt., Michael Didato.--Water and Water Pollution Control Auth., Timothy A. May, Chm., Gary Murphy, Deborah Schober, Anthony Siragusa, Robert R. Thorn.--Dir. of Public Works, Donald Bourdeau.--Building Code Bd. of Appeals, William Pieniadz, Chm., John Biederka, Lisa Przybyl, David Turner, vacancy.--Building Inspector, Vernon D. Vesey II.--Sewer Admin., Brian Lynch.--Gardner Lake Auth., Kate Johnson, Michael Magliano, Sr., Scott D. Soderberg, William A. Wrobel.--Recycling Admin., Donald Bourdeau.--Public Safety Comm., David P. Jetmore, Chm., Elizabeth Adams, Gary S. Allyn, Joseph DePasquale, Michael C. Doherty, Jr., James Moran, Karen Perkins.--Chief of Police, Ronald McDaniel.--Constables, Leonard Bunnell, Gary Galdenzi, Gregg Jacobson, Mark Manley, Dennis Mathers, Karen Moorehead, Matthew Northrop, Brittany Noyes, Thomas Occhialini, Michael Pelletier, Michael Pierce, David Radford, Bruce Rebelo, Bruce Rockwell, Addison Saffioti, Robin Salvatore, Stacie Savage, Kathleen Schmelzer, Matthew Shepard, Ryan Spring, Kenneth Stuart, Travis Sumpf, Robert Sundman, Vincent Weyel, James Whittaker, Daniel Witts.--Chiefs of Fire Depts., Chesterfield: Keith Truex; Mohegan: Joseph Giangrasso; Montville: Ronald Turner; Oakdale: Gary Murphy.--Fire Marshal/Civil Preparedness Dir., Raymond Occhialini.--Town Atty., Matt Auger.--Justices of the Peace, Betty J. Allard, Paul J. Allard, Lisa E. Atkinson, Joe Aquitante III, Herbert H. Bachelder, Jr., Deborah Beebe, Howard R. Beetham, Jr., Patricia A. Beetham, Sandra Berardy, Catherine Buebendorf, Teri A. Bruce, Angelo Callis, Gina M. Carano, William P. Caron, Bridget M. Caviness, Brendan Cholewa, Donald E. Dykes, Lorraine A. Elliott, Richard Fawcett, Kristy Ann Feragne, Marjorie Fisher, Christopher Foutch, Alexandra A. Gregory, Michael J. Grelle, Sr., Michael P. Gurchik, Harry B. Heller, Ellen L. Hillman, Michael S. Hillsberg, Patricia M. Hornok, Donna Jacobson, Joseph W. Jaskiewicz, Jill B. Johnson, James A. Knighton, Peter F. Ladd, Kerri Lawton, Kevin Loiler, Steven J. Loiler, Bruce Martell, Ines Mazzei, Ronald K. McDaniel, Jr., Dana J. McFee, Thomas McNally, Lynne Miner, Beth Marie Missios, Ronald Moore, Shirley I. Morphis, Gary M. Murphy, Marion H. Ouellette, Marie A. Pineault, Rosemary Platt, Patricia Plaszczynski, Monica A. Pomazon, Todd Pomazon, Lisa K. Przybyl, Kenneth Przybysz, James Radgowski, James F. Rondeau, Kevin Ryan, Joseph John Socha III, Ellen A. Thomas, James K. Toner, May H. Ulrich, Deborah D. Vanase, Deborah Wehner, Nicholas Steven Zawacki.

MORRIS. Litchfield County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., Jun., 1859; taken from Litchfield. Total area: 18.7 sq. miles; land area: 17.2 sq. miles. Population: est., 2,314. Voting district: 1. Principal industry: agriculture and light industry. Bantam Lake, the largest natural lake in the state and a popular summer resort lies mostly within the town. Transp.--Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Post office: Morris.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Laura Halloran; Hours, 8:30 A.M.-4:00 P.M., Mon.-Wed.; 8:30 A.M.-6:00 P.M., Thurs.; 8:30 A.M.-Noon, Fri.; 8:30 A.M.-Noon, First Saturday of each month; Address, 3 East St., P.O. Box 66, 06763-0066; Tel., (860) 567-7433; FAX, (860) 567-7432. Website: E-mail: Clerk and Asst. Reg. of Vital Statistics, Susan Jeanfavre.--Selectmen, 1st, Thomas Weik (R), Vincent Aiello (D), Erica Dorsett-Mathews (R).--Treas., Nancy Skilton.--Bd. of Finance, Tracey Martin Chm., Philip D. Birkett, John Lilley, Scott Pottbecker, Lawrence W. Sweeney, Hunter Weik; Alternates, Jessica MacDonald, Jill Roberts.--Tax Collector, Dwight Rollins.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Eric F. Cook, Del J. Knox, James Orzell.--Assessor, vacancy.--Registrars of Voters, Carrie Keppler (D), Kristen Edwards (R).--Supt. of Schools, Edward Drapp.--Pension Fund Trustees, Jimmy Wong, Chm., Suzanne Sheahan, vacancy.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Robert McIntosh, Chm., David P. Geremia, Lisa Harrison, Hal Patterson, Robert M. Paradis, Robert Whipple, David Wiig, two vacancies; Alternate, Del Knox, two vacancies.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Allen Bernardini, Chm., Mark Conlon, Lisa Haley, James Wheeler; Alternates, Eric M. Edwards, F. Giles Giovanizzi, Margaret Palumbo.--Zoning Enforcement Officer, Scott Eisenlohr.--Housing Auth., Kevin DeRoehn, Chm., Terrance Phelan, Mark Halloran, Janine Shailer, Janet Weik; Jim Simoncelli, Jr., Exec. Dir.--Economic Development Comm., Benjamin Paletsky, Chm., Robert Kluge, Anne Murdica, Joseph Nash, Mark Skilton, Ryan Taylor.--Inland Wetlands Comm., Michael Doyle, Chm., F. Giles Giovinazzi, Lance C. Loomis, Kendall Shailer, Jr., Constance Trolle.--Agent for the Aging, Kristen DaVila.--Senior Center Comm., Ruth Davis, Harriett Ellis, Joyce Finch, Sallyann Gladych, Margaret Lilley.--Dir. of Health, Robert Rubbo (Torrington).--Library Trustees, Nancy Lundquist, Chm., Mary Erin Clem, Judith Dorsett, Sarah P. Irwin, Jennifer Whittlesey, Virginia Williamson.--Municipal Historian, vacancy.--Beach and Recreation Comm., Diane Woodruff, Chm., Laura Crane, Lisa Harrison, Jamie Keppler, David P. Robert, Kelly Taylor, Lauren Wheeler.--Dir. of Community Activities, Kristen Davila.--Building Official, Vincent D'Andrea.--Sewer Auth., Michael Doyle, Chm., James Halloran, Philip Moncuse, Suzanne Nemeth; Alternates, Robert McIntosh, Jr., vacancy.--Bantam Lake Auth., Russell Hubbard, two vacancies.--Chief of Fire Dept., Joel Skilton.--Fire Marshal, David Hardt.--Animal Control Officer, Cynthia Brissett.--Emergency Mgmt. Dir., Anthony Gerdraitis.--Sandy Beach Comm., Karen Brady, Corinne Houle, Tom Matthews, Pamela Wray, vacancy.--Town Attys., Michael Rybak.--Justices of the Peace, Philip D. Birkett, Jane H. Blakeman, Barbara E. Bongiolatti, Rose Buckens, Edward R. Dorsett, James K. Finch II, Bridget Garrity, David M. Geremia, F. Giles Giovinazzi, David J. Green, Jean M. Grela, Laura Halloran, Lisa Harrison, Sarah P. Irwin, Michael T. Keilty, Del Knox, Nancy Lundquist, Frederick Neri, Marguerite Neri, Virginia Orzell, Mary Ann Orzell, Evelyn F. Rowley, Susan Schoenbach, Richard P. Skilton, Lawrence Sweeney, Ryan Taylor, Constance L. Trolle, Thomas W. Weik, Jennifer Whittlesey.

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