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The forms are available on this web site in Adobe Acrobat™ format. The software to view and print Adobe Acrobat documents is available free from Adobe. Link to Adobe's website.

Checks will be processed upon receipt, however please note: applications will not be processed or approved until all materials have been received and reviewed.  Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for final approval and processing. 

Frequently Asked Renewal Questions

SBA-2 CPA Certificate Registration Application

SBA-5 CPA License Application

SBA-6 Firm Permit to Practice Public Accountancy Application

SBA-6a Out-of-State Firm Permit

SBA-7 Request for Verification of Certificate/License and CPA Exam Grades

SBA-11 CPA Certificate Application including instructions

SBA-12 Certificate Experience Verification

Quality Review Reschedule and Waiver Form

Certificate Reissued/Duplication Request Form

Affidavit of Lost Certificate Form

Credit Card Payment Sheet

Refund Claim for Overpaid Fees

Exam Extension Request

Change of Status Forms

Continuing Education Extension/Waiver Form



The Privacy Act of 1974 requires any federal, state or local government agency that requires individuals to disclose their social security numbers to inform those individuals whether the disclosure is mandatory or voluntary, by what statutory or other authority the number is requested and how it will be used. The social security number is used in the administration and collection of taxes and is also used for child support collection.  Please note that the Department will only disclose social security numbers to government entities.  Your social security number will not be released to the general public.


Please see pages 10 to 15 of the State Board of Accountancy Regulatory Policy on Personal Data:

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