SOTS: Adopting Regulations

Adopting Regulations:

In order to protect the public interest, Connecticut requires proposed state agency regulations to be 1) specifically authorized by law, 2) noticed for public input, and 3) reviewed by a legislative committee.

 Statutory Procedures

Procedures for adopting regulations are specified in Chapter 54 of the biennially published Connecticut General Statutes. Chapter 54 is entitled the “Uniform Administrative Procedure Act.”  Public Act 12-92, as amended by Public Act 13-247, make changes to the regulation adoption procedures of Chapter 54.

State agencies should check with their agency legal counsel and legislative liaison before drafting new or amended regulations.

 Legislative Review 

The Connecticut General Assembly’s Legislative Regulation Review Committee (LRRC) prescribes additional procedures for submission of agency regulations to the Committee.  Please visit their website at for more information.

The Legislative Commissioners’ Office serves as legal counsel to the LRRC and it has developed a manual to assist state agencies with drafting regulations.  The LCO Regulations Drafting Manual is available online.

Failure to follow the drafting rules specified in the LCO Regulations Drafting Manual can result in rejection of an agency’s proposed regulation.


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