SOTS: Regulation-Making Records

Regulation-Making Records:

Since July 1, 1989, state agencies have been required by Connecticut General Statutes (CGS) Section 4-168b to create and maintain a regulation-making record for each new regulation they adopt. These records document the history of the regulation’s adoption, and are commonly referred to as its legislative history, or, more properly, as its regulatory history.

Copies of regulation-making records have been submitted to and posted on the LRRC website since 2012. To access the records, click on the regulation docket number.

CGS Section 4-168b specifies the types of documents to be maintained in the regulation-making record, including, but not limited to, the following:

Copies of the notice of intent to adopt or amend the regulation;

Written petitions, requests, submissions, and comments received by the agency and considered by the agency while drafting the final proposed regulation;

The official transcript of the public hearing for the regulation, if a hearing was held or required;

A statement of the principal considerations in opposition to the agency’s action, and the agency’s reasons for rejecting such considerations;

A copy of the fiscal note prepared for the proposed regulation;

Copies of all communications between the agency and the legislative regulation review committee.

In some cases, similar records created by an agency prior to July 1, 1989 might still be available from the adopting agency or at the Connecticut State Archives. Contact the adopting agency first.

If nothing is available from the agency, go to the Archives Finding Aids section on the State Archives website, 1) select the "State Government" tab, 2) click on the adopting agency name and record group number, and 3) review the record group’s "Container List" for references to files that might have information on the regulation. However, please be aware that many state agency records transferred to the Archives simply contain no regulations-related records, and some finding aids for state agency records are not yet available on the Archives website.

Retention of an agency regulation-making record is governed by the Connecticut State Library’s General Schedule for Administrative Records.


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